Koala Karity Twitch Channel


Welcome to the web page of our Twitch Channel! You will find details about the Schedule, the Games, the Concepts, the Business Model and our Next Steps.

Our Twitch Channel will focus on Gaming and interacting with its Community.

It follows a Schedule, with specific Dates & Times for the Live streams.

Koala Karity has a long Backlog of games, with fun Concepts for most of them to get the Community involved.

Check our Schedule to see when the Twitch Channel is Live.  Koala Karity will do its best to update the schedule as often as possible. Expect some sessions during daytime on weekends, and sometimes during the evenings on weekday.

Koala Karity has a long Backlog of games from a lot of different genres, and we want to involve the Community with fun Concepts.

You can have a look at the full Backlog by downloading our list of games and Concepts.

If you have missed a Live stream, you can always catch up with it later on. The best option is to watch the Highlights as it will focus on the most relevant parts of the stream. And you can also find the full Live stream on our Twitch Channel.

Business Model & Donations


How does Koala Karity apply its vision to the Twitch Channel?

As Koala Karity is all about Honesty & Transparency, it was important to do a quick recap on how monetization is working on Twitch.


Once a streamer has reached specific thresholds (number of hours & days streamed, number of viewers & followers, etc.), Twitch will grant her/him the Affiliate status.


With this status, a streamer has a couple of options to receive some financial support from her/his Community.


One of these options is named 'Subscription' (or 'Sub'): this is the most recurrent and steady source of revenue for a streamer.

Indeed a viewer or follower can subscribe to the Channel of the streamer, on a monthly basis or as a one-off.
Subscribing unlocks a set of benefits for this specific Channel (ad-free viewing, emotes, badges, and more).

There are 3 levels of Subscription: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. And each Tier is unlocking more and more benefits.  


Twitch is proving the platform and the tools for the streaming, so the company will take 50% of the Subscriptions you receive.


Once Twitch has taken its share,

60% of the Tier 1 Subscriptions will be redirected to Donations,

70% of the Tier 2 Subscriptions will be redirected to Donations,

80% of the Tier 3 Subscriptions will be redirected to Donations.

Split for a Tier 1 Subscription:

Split for a Tier 3 Subscription:



Koala Karity



Koala Karity


Apart from Subscriptions, a streamer can also receive some financial support from her/his Community with 'Bits'.

Viewers or followers can buy Bits on Twitch and use them for specific actions – most of the time to Cheer in order to celebrate an event happening during the stream.


As the Bits are directly used to celebrate an action done by the streamer, or to celebrate a specific achievement of the Channel,

the share going to Twitch is smaller than for Subscriptions.

For every Bit spent by the viewers on the stream, the streamer will receive $0.01.

If a viewer buys 100 Bits for $1.40, the streamer will receive $1.00.


But Bits are more volatile than Subscriptions, which makes it harder to evaluate how much it will weight among the overall support received from the Community. 

That's why Bits had a "to-be-determined" status within the Business Model of Koala Karity at the very beginning.

The goal was to find the perfect happy medium in order to redirect as much as possible to Donations while keeping the company afloat.

After a couple of months in during our first year, we decided to apply the same philosophy and percentages than for the Subscriptions.

But there is no different Tiers for 'Bits', so we just apply the percentage related to the highest Subscription Tier that was given during the period.    

As always, the priority for Koala Karity is to stay Honest & Transparent, and we will keep you updated of any change.

The Next Steps


Follow what Koala Karity is working on and track our goals for the Twitch Channel.

Check what Koala Karity is working on.

You can download our to-do list to see the improvements & development on the short-term,

as well as our plans & ideas for the long-term.

Track the goals of Koala Karity Twitch Channel.

It's important to build a Community that supports our vision, and you can follow how Koala Karity is growing by downloading our streaming metrics.

Once Koala Karity got a Community with a lot of lovely koala bears, we would like to organize Events in order to play with you. There is a long way ahead before we can do this, but we will keep you updated!