Our Vision


Koala Karity is a company founded on 1 principle: "give more than you receive".


As a result, Koala Karity wants to place Donations to Charities at the heart of its activity.

To do so, most of the profits will be redirected to Donations.


We believe that a business fueled with Goodwill and Generosity can be successful.


Because of the unusual management of its resources, Koala Karity positions itself as a disruptive actor, and wants to prove that Prosperity can be reached Wisely and Responsively.

Our Twitch Channel


In addition to its disruptive business approach, Koala Karity is a Twitch Channel.


The Channel will focus on Gaming and interacting with its Community.


Most of the of financial support received from our Community will be added to our Donations. Click below for more details.


All supportive actions from our Community will serve a cause and help our Vision.

Charities & Donations


The goal of Koala Karity is to support a cause by donating to a Charity every month.


Koala Karity wants to support a wide range of causes, as long as they align with our values: Opened-mindeness, Tolerance, Respect, Honesty... and Kareness!


To guarantee a perfect transparency with its Community, Koala Karity will thoroughly report about its Donations.

The Latest Activities 


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